Aug 20, 2010

Another day in June..

Remember John & Laura guys? They were our best-friends-AND-neighbors. Now they're just best friends...they moved to Virginia to go to Grad school, and now, they'll be blue. That's right, John is now a blue man in the blue man group.

So happy they came to visit me. Drew was out playing music near the east coast, so he missed their visit so we'll have to go visit them soon.


Laura Hendricks said...

i love these! i miss you guys tons. can't wait until we see you again! i'm thinking NYC, within the next two months, stay with us for free? yup. we are moving there in 10 days! boom!

kyle + melissa said...

so... i just saw this:

Elise said...
i'm so excited for you guys to get hitched. let's have you over for dinner or somethin...? sometime in june?

MAY 30, 2010 9:18 AM

please forgive me for NOT responding! and now two months late. if the offer is still on.... let us dine!