May 29, 2010

I remember when

I would sit at Velour and watch Drew sing at Open Mic. I went almost every week to watch him. I'd sit with Caitlin, and always felt sort of awkward because I had a crazy crush on him, but I felt that every other girl did too. He usually sang the same two songs...Painted Your Pictures (now called Julian on his record) and Cry Til You Weep (now called Like Thieves). I couldn't believe how in love I was with him, and it became apparent when I watched him sing. It sounds so cheesy falling in love with a guy who played the guitar, and at the time, trust me, it felt cheesy. But I love that I have those memories of hiding my blushing cheeks or wondering if he could sit next to me when he got off the stage. In order to keep my sanity, I kept telling myself that he couldn't see my staring eyes because of the blinding stage lights.

I thought of this just now, and had to blog it before I forgot my own thoughts. I used to be such a great journal writer, but since I've been married (almost 2 years now!) I find writing takes too long, even though that's more of a reason to do settle down and relax. Anyways, I was just driving in the car with some of family, and "Like Thieves" came on the stereo, and I tell my family that I have heard Drew sing this song many many times, and I fell in love with him while he sang this very song. 

{thanks to trevor for letting me steal these photos...they were most likely taken at an open mic, and around the time i was going to see him play...Fall 2007}


Cason and Marie said...

That is so cute!!

lauren valeen said...

so this really does happen! maybe my dream will come true :)
ps. i want one of your cutest paper wreaths!

flexMD said...

those guitar boys are sure dreamy! i love me mine! I'm glad you wrote this down. Your kiddies will want to know this someday. xox