Mar 25, 2010

Thoughts from today...

-Gluten-free paper towels? You mean the paper towels AND toilet paper I've been using for the two weeks now contain gluten in them??? The ones with the beautiful designs? (Seriously though, I would use them as curtains if I could...) Who would even think. No one would because it's inhumane to.

-Am I the only person that wears my husband's pajamas instead of mine when he's gone so it feels like he's there with me? Or am I just that needy.

-Burnt chocolate chips are reallllll good. Burnt anything though; yum!

-All I want is indian food right now. But I have to wait until I write my lesson. UGH.

-Teacher evaluations, I never hold back. I hope I don't hurt their feelings. Sometimes I give really nice ones though!

-Just photographed such a great couple for their engagements. Truly inspiring! 

-Puppy or no puppy? Drew wants one people. DREW WANTS ONE!

-Tomorrow better be a sun shining day. PLEASE!

-Wish my family could be here for Drew's release show! I wish they could be here all the time though really. (April 10th @ velour for all of my family here :))


trevor huish said...

puppy yes!

Ali said...

If you get a puppy soon...we should have a play date!

Melly Mel said...

we wish we could be there too!i'll be there in may though :)

Cheryl said...

Ryan is working and I am too chicken to come by myself. I can't be the only old one there (: But keep letting us know, we have to make it one of these days.

Ben and Christa said...

I'm wearing Ben's shirt as we speak! I shop his side of the closet more than mine when I change out of work clothes...I think all of us are needy for our hubbies ;)