Mar 24, 2010

Mother knows best

I was emailing with my mom the other day, and she asked how I was, and being the honest person I am, I told her I was stressed with all the large assignments that are due so close together in time with eachother and I really don't know how much longer I can stand going to school. This was her reply"

"Make a list with a treat attached to each one (not food necessarily)  and mark it off!"

BRILLIANT MOTHER! So this is my list:

1. Finish (half-way) research paper= make this wreath you've been wanting to make. (did that last night)

2. Finish all photo assignments (inspiration shoot, print that, print desert noises photo, and print proofing for series) by Thursday= a swimsuit, or atleast start looking for one. 

3. Finish your paper completely= start blogging on my gluten-free blog, then make it public.

4. Write lesson for Sunday= Bombay House (indian food)

I'm totally a list person so this is kinda fun for me. 


This is what I'd rather be doing right now and for the rest of my life:

My professor John snagged this of me in the Key West after a weeks waiting of the beach, I laid in the sand to soak it up. It was very nice. 


Laura Hendricks said...

i'm really loving that picture of you. you need to blow that sucker up wall size, black and white immediately.
um, come....please! we would love it.

flexMD said...

i love that photo! did you have a sandy suit after? hee hee

Natalie said...

brilliant! i too have so much to do so i just decided that i am going to do that too...especially because i can think of a lot of treats :) thanks elise! and elise's mom.

Melly Mel said...

mom is pretty brilliant.
she is also into lists like you and i have inherited.
super cute.
sorry you are stressed/

ps i love that pic.

Billings Family said...

That is my most favorite of all pictures!!!!and then I read that its you!!! Now its my most favorite of favorites!!! I love you and your list!!!