Mar 15, 2010


Drew's grandparents rent a beach house in San Clemente (beach road, where capo beach is) almost every year since Drew's been a baby. We laugh about it, because who knows, we might have played in the sand together, or splashed eachother in the water. Haha! We were going through photos with Drew's mom the other night, and were DYING over these photos. Drew was the most beautiful baby boy I have ever seen...can't wait to have little-mini-Drew-babies!
{i bet those lifegaurds in the back were some of my high school teachers. no joke.}

(see my photo give-away HERE!)


Estee said...

what?! no doubt your babies will have the most beautiful curls.


Melly Mel said...

SO weird if he was! You two are going to make me beautiful nephews and nieces!!!! Tan, Curly Hair, Tall, Skinny, Blue Eyes, High Cheek Bones and the most artistic kids ever. Can't wait. Get to it already....

flexMD said...

love these! No wonder you want a mini drew! Too cute!