Mar 19, 2010

The Seevincks & Happy Sumo

Asher & Halen are those type of people/friends that you can walk right through their front door without knocking, and feel right at home (and always smell something delicious cooking). We love being with them so much and since the sun came out, we decided to skateboard our way over to their house last monday afternoon. To our surprise, they called us on our way there to go out to eat. Perfect. I can't wait to start gardening with Halen in May (since our landlord doesn't have a garden for me to occupy myself) while Drew & Ash go on their man dates.

I loved the lighting, so had to snag some of them in front of their house. 
So in love they are.


flexMD said...

oh they are so cute! love all you guys!!

Cheryl said...

I love these pictures so much Elise!! I love the lighting. I really need to make an appt. for you to take pics of my kiddies.

Cheryl said...

PS Before you take the pictures of my kids will you go shopping with me to find cute outfits?

Melly Mel said...

oh i love these photos elise.