Mar 18, 2010

Annie Leibovitz

I am studying Annie Leibovitz and her work and lifestyle and family and everything. I love her! I have always been such a fan of everything she has done and is doing but more excited when I see her work when she was very young and working with the Rolling Stones. It's been a dream of mine to work with rock n roll bands, and be able to go on stage with them and photograph them from the back with the lights on their face, and take only my film cameras. Maybe one day I will hop on someone's tour bus and do it for free, and keep doing it for free until I have a demand for it. Another part that has really made me appreciate Annie more is her personal work that she does. Above is an image of her parents. The composition is AMAZING and the way it's so candid. It moves me so much and I can't wait to start my own family so I can have a fresh view of them and their lives. Studying her has def. motivated me to take more of the family I have now. They are the most comfortable around me so of course I should be able to get good shots of them. I just need to remember that. Jon Ball, along with Annie, has inspired me to bring out my camera at the times you don't think you would.

(She was born with the name Anna-Lou. I love that. Maybe I'll have a daughter give her that middle name, Lou.)

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