Feb 23, 2010

Valentine's 2010

My back is burning from being hunched over on our desk, doing flash card after flash card...getting ready for a history of photography midterm. So I thought I deserve a treat (besides the thousands of reeses I just shoved down my throat) by looking at the film I just developed, and then putting it on our blog! Here was our Valentine's night.

(obviously I am celebrating the occasion of valentine's day because i am drinking soda, and a SUGARY soda! yeah i was real sick after that)

below, drew is drawing me. most likely the biggest perk of mac. grill; the crayons. isn't drew the greatest?!?
If you ever need to find parking in SLC, and are near the Hilton (where we stayed and is right across the street from Mac. Grill), there is $3 parking! It was amazing! And the only limitations we saw on there, was you can't be there for longer than 72 hours. And, it's right next to the hotel. Valet would have been $18 each day, and "public parking" they said was $13 if we did it on our own. Well, after driving around for 5 minutes trying to find our own, we found this beauty. Take that Hilton.

We loved our 2010 Valentines, thanks to Drew for planning it. I am dreading next year's because I am in charge of it...and we all know what happened last year when I was in charge. Well, if you don't, ask me sometime. It's quite the story. Here's to LOVE!


lauren valeen said...

you have the cutest blog and cutest face!!

kate said...

Your hair is getting SO long...I love it!