Feb 25, 2010

Blockbuster is our Red Box.

So yesterday was a long, trying day for me. I seem to be having a lot of those these days. I think it's because I am in photo classes that don't seem to challenge me, and this horrific weather. I am done being inside my house, or rushing in between classes because it's raining or snowing. So on our way home from our bio class last night, I made Drew make a stop at blockbuster. I always start the end of the new releases, and work my way up to the front of the alphabet. I ended up picking up 3 (seriously, a long day), thinking man when am I going to watch all 3??! Then we get to the counter to buy them, and she tells me for every new release, get an old release. So pick 3 more! WHOA. I was like "nah it's cool". And Drew was like "What! No, let's go look". So we did.

These are the first original 3. You can tell why I was already overwhelmed with these 3.

(Very good! Watched it last night. Marianna convinced me too from her blog post. I hope Ellen doesn't become stuck with these nerdy, but really-cool-by-the-end-of-the-movie type characters.)
(Interested only because in the 5th grade, I was Amelia for a presentation and studied her life. But I haven't heard any reviews on it, whether it's good or bad. So I'm waiting til' I am in the right mood to watch this. Hilary bugs sometimes.)
(Someone recommended this to me and said that I specifically, would love this one. Which I thought was strange because I don't know the difference between any designer anything! I could really care less.)

AND THEN, these were our final 3. 

(We're crossing our fingers that this isn't a waste of 2 hours. Looks like it'd be fun to watch.)

(Drew hadn't seen this before and since we are addicted to tennis, when the sun is shining, I thought it'd be fun to watch. Give us hope that the sun will come out one day.)

(Watched this gem last night too; Drew hadn't seen it.)

The part that makes me cringe, is they are all due back Monday. MONDAY! As in 4 days!? Okay I'll get to watchin.


Marianna said...

I'm SO glad you liked Whip It. Wimbledon....I wasn't too fond of it, but hey it's just my opinion (probably because I'm in no way a tennis junkie). Okay I take that back, it was cute.
Thanks for swinging by my blog. I hope to see you soon!

Melly Mel said...

elise! everything is illuminated is one of my all time favorites you will love it.

so cute. cuddle a lot!!!!
can't wait to hear what you think.

Melly Mel said...
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LexiD said...

I could watch everthing is illuminated a million times over. I love it. Probably cause the main character reminds me of me-family history nerd.
the dog is the best part.