Jan 3, 2010

Cougar Town

Elise's class schedule for winter 2010.

Monday & Wednesday
11:30-12:45 History of Photography
1-2:50 Portrait Photography
4-5:30 Biology 100

Tuesday & Thursday
8-8:50 Living Prophets
9-10:50 Color Photography

No labs.
Snack time. And lots of it!
 No night classes.
I convinced Drew to take my Bio 100 class with me. And the teacher, is AMAZING! So glad I'm in his class (look up C. Riley Nelson for anyone that hasn't taken it yet.)
Thursday, my favorite day of the week, I'm home free at 11AM!!!!
No friday classes!

Think I can add one more class? Or did this just stress you out from reading it...


Heather and Taylor said...

You and Taylor are in the same biology class! I think you can fit one more in there! :) Get it done girl!

Laura Hendricks said...

i don't know...if you fit one more in, then are you done?
girl if i have time i would love to cut your hair..i'm flattered that you NEED me to. :)
um if you guys came to VA...whoa. We would be excited.
john's book is not done. just the first very rough draft. we are editing..

Chelsea G. said...

that sounds like a great schedule. i am stoked i don't have friday classes either :) yayy! i also have bio 100 -- not looking forward to that one for some reason :)

Mitch and Serretta Barlow said...

Yeah, um your schedule does stress me out!

Julie said...

I just got a pit in my stomach. But, just think...you'll get to cross 5 classes of the checklist! FIVE! That'll feel great!!

Julie said...

*off of* the checklist (I should proof read.)