Jan 7, 2010

Christmas with the Capeners ! 2009

Christmas Eve Dinner

Christmas Morning! (notice Abby's stack of gifts?)
Bree gave her this shirt as part of their pen-pal gifts :)

This Christmas was extra fun for me because it was spent with my new family! I thought it would be really hard to be away from them, and it was, but I was distracted by all of their jokes, traditions, & company. The Wii Fit, yeah, you could say that was a pretty great distraction as well. If any of you own a Wii, but don't have the Wii Fit, GET IT! It's so much fun and will keep you up off the couch.
This Christmas break was also spent cross-country skiing! Never had I ever been on skiis before...not even in the water. We went out Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and the 26th. 3rd day, I only fell once! It's pretty funny how you can fall just by standing and waiting...not from the actual hills. Overall, it was a great break and the holidays were spent with loved ones.


Estee said...

i hope to see that vid on here soon. we need to get the PR going for that kid. ;)

p.s.- christmas with your family looks AHmazing.


alexismunoadyer said...

cute photos! Drew's little sis is adorable! I love the last image.