Dec 18, 2009

Jet Blue 11:31am SLC->LB

I finished finals last night at 6:45 on the dot! Drew finished at 3 am (writing what was supposed to be 20 pages, turned out to be 27! paper). This was probably the most difficult semester for me that I have had thus far and it makes me wonder if it only gets worse from now on. This semester was so trying, that I even decided to opt out on a few essays worth 30 points in a few of my classes because I decided I could afford to lose those points{that is totally not me at all, but I am a crazy woman now!}

Now I can get back to editing photos that I have been postponing. I have bridals to edit and a wedding to photograph tomorrow in Newport. So on a plane we go!


alexismunoadyer said...

oh boy. we saw portugal the man in portland at the doug fir lounge. missed you two. you would have died. both of you. It was insane. lights. lasers. no talk just rock. Fly safe! hope you rocked that wedding!!! xoxox


Halen said...

When are we hanging out this week?