Dec 16, 2009

Before Thanksgiving 2009

It was Micah man's birthday last week and I have been so busy I couldn't scan this in time. But Happy Birthday little man. Next year for your birthday, I'll be home for good to celebrate your 5th :)
HINT: If you ever want to get to know Mitch or Drew better, have them play Curses (which will make a GREAT christmas gift), and make sure to give them most of the curse cards.

This year, we planned to go home to San Clemente for Thanksgiving, and Mitch & Lindsay & the kids came up here, since all of Lindsay's sisters live in Provo anyways. So we got to see them for 2 days before we made the trek to California and I'm so glad we did! Don't we have the cutest niece & nephews!! (jack's polaroid is coming up on my thanksgiving post)

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