Nov 4, 2009

Our Halloween of 2009

I obviously wasn't ready for the click. Thanks Andrew for the everyone's photos are better than ours. Haha. Just kidding. Can you guys tell who Drew is??? I hope because he is super excited about it. I am Meredith Grey. Duh.

These are the results from Halloween night... our good and dear friends, Andrew & Alexis hosted an amazing dinner & party. A 3-course meal, each course introduced with a scary description of it, themed, dance-able music, and friends to laugh with.

The Hosts- I totally just stole all these photos from her blog post...sorry lex!! I just had to! These better-than-polaroids were taken with their instax camera (that I also purchased, but a mini one so I can travel with it.)

Obama & Palin aka- Jake & Kim


Kaneischa "the cholo"

And the one & only, Cait & Mark. Guess what they are...

After we finished socializing, eating yummy food & desserts, a group of us watched The Sixth Sense. Okay this is a secret of mine that I never told anyone, but every time Drew & I are somewhere and end up watching a movie (which is really never)...or want to go rent one or anything... The Sixth Sense ALWAYS, without a doubt, pops into my head, and inside, I am BEGGING to watch but I never bring it up. I just hadn't seen it in forever and I remember loving it so much. So anyways, I was very glad that got picked over this Mike Meyers movie Drew wanted to watch.

And this above, my friends, was at our other good friend's house Andrew & Elyse's. Couldn't you tell Drew just loved being "Dick" Simmons??? Haha!!!! We had a blast just getting to sit at a dinner table and catch up. Then, we played BALDERDASH! One of the BEST games ever. Thanks guys for a real nice night.


Laura Hendricks said...

so great. you guys look awesome. drew...he's got to be my homeboy dick simmmons.
i thought about being hugo/hurley this halloween.

alexismunoadyer said...

i know you totally cried at the end of the movie...

i did. uh i mean i don't cry in movies especially ones about losing your spouse....