Nov 9, 2009


I am in the middle of editing tons of photos from Drew's band- Moses. We did band photos a few weeks ago, and I also shot some from their last shows. So soon, I will do short bios of everyone in the band, so you all can see who is in it, and so everyone can understand how amazing this band really is..(if you have not yet seen them live). The band is really starting to become family and that's exactly what needed to be done to make the music good.

Until I make a real post about them, here is this that Drew recently did for the Daily Universe (BYU newspaper)

CLICK HERE to read article. It's short.

Drew is going to continue to finish the record, come the end of November. We look forward to it being finished in Marchish, and going on a tour sometime short after. Exciting right?? To stay tuned in on his shows, just look to the right. His next one should be AMAZING. Not only is it going to be with Joshua James but it's in an unbelievable venue. Drew & I saw Deer Tick there recently, and were blown away by the comfortable-ness of it. There were church pews that sat people like people sit in movie theaters. We couldn't decide if it's an old church, or an old movie theater. If you click on that Deer Tick url above, I'm pretty sure that main photo they have up there, is from that show. The stage is massive, there is TON of seating, lots of places to stand, and a few tables to drink/sit at.


trevor huish said...

that's great that they could finally become like a real family to make this band good.

Melly Mel said...

this looks great elise.
i am excited for you guys!

Laura Hendricks said...

(whoa). this is so cool and exciting! i hope everything goes perfectly. elise the picture is way good you did amazing. wish we could be there to hear drew and all of his shows.