Oct 15, 2009


I read another one. I know, I know, how can I be complaining of how busy I am when I make time for a novel..? Well, I seriously read in line, on my way home from campus (which is like a 6 mile walk...not really though) and in between classes with short breaks.

The Pact, is also a gem. I have always been a very passionate and emotional person, and this book reminded me of it. I felt like I was in this book and wrapped up in all the passion involved. If you feel like you can take all of it in and truly soak it up, then I suggest you read this, but don't if you don't like to read of love & tragedy. That's right folks, it's a TRAGEDY!! Remember Romeo & Juliet ? Similar story (which by the way is one of my favorite movies...but so is Moulin Rouge and Titanic..ha) but with real life. I can't really say I can relate to Emily in the story, but I can relate to the love that she and Chris have.  I don't want to give anything away. Read it!!! And tell me what you think. Shoot. I should start a book club. 

ps. I'm sorta bummed I never studied english further after high school. I think I really would have enjoyed it.

pss. I hate the cover. Gosh Jodi, let me help you out. (her last name pronounced as: PICO) I was almost embarrased to read it on campus for people to see the cover.

psss. This was one of those books for me that I didn't even realize that I was finished within a couple of days. All of the sudden today, I had about 50 pages left and was shocked because I read it so quickly. Definitely a page-turner.


Hillary said...

Two thumbs up for the Book Club idea :)

Melly Mel said...

oh come'on.
no post about me coming out? i wasn't good enough?
just kidding.

love you guys.
thanks for the living room.

Kjrsten said...

thanks for the compliment on my blog... the Moses show was rad, made taking photos easy (especislly loved the smoke machine) and your hubs was dope!

Halen said...

Can I borrow this one too?
So should we start bookclub this month? Or wait until the New Year?

Lindsay Wright said...

Elise! I read this and I loved it. I read too much but, when I saw that you read and loved this I had to comment! We should discuss. I hope everything is going well! Miss you! p.s. you two are so darling :)