Oct 11, 2009


This is what I found one morning when I went to go eat breakfast. I knew there wasn't any milk when I woke up, but Drew didn't. So he put this in there either to warn me, or to save it until we did get more milk. Sorry my love. The fridge will forever be stocked with 1% if you promise the cereal will remain stale-less.


Melly Mel said...

ha ha that's funny,
you and your dairy.
gross... and i miss you guys... but will see you at your shows this weekend! yay!!!

Cheryl said...

Totally thought you were announcing something!! (:

alexismunoadyer said...

my poor andrew was left with only the cinnamon bits at the end of the Life cereal box the other day.

will there ever be a balance of the right amount of milk and cereal?

Cason and Marie said...

haha this happens to me all the time! But when you have milk, nobody eats cereal. it seems like when you don't have milk everyone wants cereal. Good to know that it happens to everyone!