Apr 14, 2009

One of those days...

when you just want to crawl into bed and wait to see what the next day will bring. Starting this morning, 7am, our alarm went off and I was okay with it. Sure, two hours I have class, nothing due, everything is dandy. Oh besides the fact that Drew is sick and didn't heal by his tylenol PM, and he probably needs a really hot, yummy breakfast. Drew gets fed, coughing up a storm, and 7:45 comes and I am still in my robe, and he needs to be driven to campus. Drew, do you need a jacket? Well let's look outside and see... it's RAINING?! I think I will crawl into bed..oh yeah you need to be driven to school. Okay. So then I get home with an hour to get ready for the day... when I contemplate making myself a breakfast. Well, there is an ounce of milk left but lots of muffins in the freezer (from my last week shopping spree to costco..via mama cindy ;).. so I stick half of one in the microwave for 4 minutes..thought it'd be good since I had to shower and by the time I was out of the shower, it will have just finished. and last week when Bree was here, we put them in for 3 minutes and they were nice and warm. Well, mid-shower, it beeps and a minute later, smoke fills the bathroom. I move the shower curtain to see inside the kitchen, and white smoke filled the kitchen as well. Great. "No muffin for me this morning" is what went through my head. I look inside and barely anything was on the plate except black chunks of sugar. 

I grumble to myself and start getting ready in front of my mirror. By this time, all the windows are open, even though it's raining, and the curtains are pulled. I am blasting M.I.A. trying not to breathe, when the new - newlywed neighbors go to their car. I am sure they are more than annoyed because of a recent experience I had with them...

I painted on a Saturday night, so Sunday morning I woke up to retouch the spots we missed. Well that Sunday morning was the morning after their wedding, and they were getting into their car around 10am with suitcases in hand...heading out for their honeymoon...both were looking like they hadn't slept all night and looking kinda mad! I tried not to look but I was in awe that they would spend their wedding night in their little apt! Anyways, because I was painting, the window was open and the curtains were pulled so I know they saw me and heard my church music BLASTING. It was basically like I had the mo-tab inside my bedroom. They even show that they don't like us because every time they take out the trash (ten minutes ago), they never take out any of the neighbors... isn't that strange????)

So I finally get changed, grab my jelly bellies that Peggy gave me for Easter (my favorite!) and rush up to class. I get there to find out that I did in fact have a paper due, but my teacher is the greatest and told me to not worry about it, just get it in before the semester is over. PHEW! I then go visit Drew, kinda bummed I won't see him all day, just like yesterday, because Finals are taking over our lives! I drive home, get my film camera, and start driving towards Springville to get some shots for my final portfolio. I almost get eaten by an ostrich, pet some horsies, and get lost ten times. Now I am home trying to write that paper that was due today, because I know I will lose sleep over it, and smelling the three air fresheners I bought at Smith's. 

Unfortunately, not The End.

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