Mar 23, 2009


for today:

-Tired. Don't want to get up & shower.
-I can't wait to give suprise my hubby with something. Can't tell yet because he might read this.
-I hope I get through my ASL class before the semester ends.
-Finally thought of my "stereotype mormon" project. (details on that with the photo later on)
-Miss Drew terribly. Like BIG TIME.
-Spent time & had dinner with his parents and siblings last night. It was nice.
-It's snowing... because?
-I hope the bananas I bought are ripe enough to cut up in my cheerios.
-The weddings I have booked so far are going to be so fun! Two in California, and one in Texas.
-I hope Drew tells MAC cosmetics that they're like the drug of the make-up industry. Addiction but not always the best products.
-Excited for my family to come visit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-Can't wait to buy Drew's favorite bread before he gets home. He loves it.
-Hope Julie's newborn is going to be okay. We pray for little Troy.
-I should really get out of bed. 

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Kristen Elizabeth said...

yes! your thoughts are great! why is it snowing and cold again? that is the question!