Mar 25, 2009

Departing NYC

Welp. It's time for my love to come back home. Here are the second half of his adventures on his trip. NYC I'm sure, will miss him.
Really cool photo. That's why it's first. :)

Lifesize playground for kids.


The Apple store in the city. He said there has to be 700-800 people in there at any point of time.

Chelsea Market

Drew's friend Andrew told him that the Empire State Building was a waste of time & a few bucks. So I don't think he went. Which is a bummer because I had a great time up there!!! I did feel like I was in a cage and it wasn't as liberating as I had suspected, but it was so fun to finally know what it's like to be on the Empire State Building. Oh and to be on the scene where Sleepless in Seattle was set. :)

"Just hours away"- Drew ( last night! )

Last night, Jessie came into town with the photo program! So they were able to hang out and Drew wrote down a list for her & her friends...what to see & do.

They gave all the girls in the design program first pick at make-up...and Drew jumped right in there cuz he knows I love MAC. 2 lipsticks & blush! Way to go!

No comment. (another guilty pleasure)

These aren't my favorite but he bought em anyways! 10 bucks from Urban I believe.


La Esposa said...

YAY!! He's coming back to you!! How exciting for you mija! I was feeling so bad for you this whole week, b/c I knew exactly how you were feeling! But YAY! =)

Brady and Lindsay Wood said...

Well its about time... I am so excited for him to see your suprise! I want to know how he reacts to it. Now the both of you can come hang out with us!

meeshw said...

Hey Elise! Glad he is back home with you...glad things are going well...look forward to seeing the photos from your wedding shoots in the future...have I told you I love looking at the photos you take? Well I do. :)

Jessica L Payne said...

Fun pictures! I'm going in less than two weeks and this just got me excited.