Feb 24, 2009


Well, I am laying here, sick in bed and have been for 4 hours now. It wasn't until I was at work, for three hours, til' I almost passed out and started to vomit til' I realized I need to go to bed and stay there until I contaminate everyone else.

Drew & I went on an extremely last minute trip to San Fran with my sister and jack. She had to go drop him off with his Dad for the weekend, and we had to take him back with us... but it turned into not only a trip to see the city and pretend we were on a little vacation, but go see my parents & family down in San Clemente! That was spontaneous as well. Moral of the story, I came back to Provo (well, on the drive home), feeling very queezy and feverish, and well, whatdya know. I am in bed today with the flu and a terrible sinus infection. I am pretty sure it was because I kept kissing Jack's red lips, even if he had just coughed up a storm, two minutes prior. 

Until I get better, I will eat apple sauce, and watch Grey's Anatomy. Maybe The Bachelor tonight!!! 


Aubrey said...

I'm so sorry you're sick! That's the worst. Hope you feel better and enjoyed watching The Bachelor and Greys. Two of my favorite shows. :)

Kristen C! said...

Oh my gosh can we please be friends That has been me off and on for the past four months! If you need anything let me know! I am so sorry! I hope you feel better! You are too adorable!

kristi neil said...

I hope you feel better. Let me know if you need anything at all. I need to see you soon, so get better fast! love youuu!!!