Feb 26, 2009

Pay It Forward

I absolutely love the movie Pay it Forward so I was really excited to see this going around blogger.com. Instead of saving people's lives, or like Will Smith in 7 Pounds, I will give 3 gifts to 3 people, hoping they will do the same to 3 other people.

Here's how it goes:

1) Read this and interested? Post this on your blog, knowing you will have to commit to 3 people.

2) Post a comment on THIS POST and that will make me commit to YOU. Remember, 1st 3 people.

3) It's a TOTAL suprise, as to when you will receive it, if by mail or on your doorstep, and what you will get.

4) Email your address (in case I don't know it) ---elise.capener@gmail.com

5) Now, I wait. But HURRY!!!! (i'm not very patient)


Catherine Williams Photography said...

i want a present from you! cute.

Laura Hendricks said...

yes please.

Laura Hendricks said...

ps did i ever tell you that movie was filmed at my highschool>?