Oct 23, 2008

The last time he took out the trash:

In preparation in making one of our first big breakfasts together as a newlywed couple in our first apartment, I ask Drew to take out the trash that was in the kitchen. He of course, didn't have his shirt on, but was wearing one of the girliest aprons we have. It was pretty early in the morning on a saturday, so he figured no would see him, and there would be no need to put a shirt on. So he leaves the apron on, and takes out the trash. As soon as I hear the door shut, I thought how funny it would be to get this on camera. So instead of showing you the photographs I took without him knowing, taking out the trash in this girlie apron, I decided to show you our neighbors poking through their window and laughing!!! Good thing they are our friends, otherwise Drew would have melted from his face getting so red.

I'm sorry for all those Chris Rodriguez's that would rather not see Drew and his bare chest, but guys, this was all summer time! Why not?

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Andrew Capener said...

Cummon Steven!!!