Oct 21, 2008

How the wasp was killed.

I (Elise) came home from school a few days ago... ready to just open my laptop and wander around aimlessly on the world wide web. Only problem was, there was this wasp right where my head was, on the front door. It seemed to be sucking on the door lining, and very concentrated. I tried the side door, but no luck, it was locked as it always is. 10 minutes after mustering courage, I went and got the mail, took an envelope out of it, and scooped up the little bugger. It then flew away. I ran into the house as if it were to follow behind. Before my vegging experience on the couch, I wanted to be clean. I open the shower curtain, and there was another wasp! Not only just another wasp but the same wasp that I had seen that same morning, and it was still in the SAME spot! I first, video recorded it on my phone and sent it to Drew while he was in class. Of course he tells me to kill it, and I simply text back that he should kill it!!! I wandered around in my towel, trying to think of solutions. First thing that came to mind was to go on google, and type: "How to kill a wasp". This is what popped up: click here.. if you don't find that funny, I don't know what is funny. Anyways. After reading tons of comments following that blog post, I was able to conquer all wasps that came in my path. I grab these old stack of photos, smack it, and run away (still managing to keep my towel on). I stand in our hallway with the bathroom door open, just staring at the shower; as if a thousand wasps were going to flood from above it. The shower curtain was still covering the window, so the part of not knowing what happened to the little buggar after I smacked it, kept me standing on the cold tile. After about 2 minutes of waiting..I slowly walked over to the shower, pulled the curtain slowly, and saw that I managed to knock it down on the ledge near my razor & shaving cream, body in tact. Breathing real hard, the bug and me, I notice he's suffering. Sadly, but so proudly, I smack it one more time. This photograph below is evidence of the second battle.


Billings Family said...

Sweet Elise. Nice.

Liese said...

hahaha elise this is great!