Aug 12, 2015

Theo 11 months

I didn't write much down for Theo during his 11 months..whoops! But that must have meant we were BUSY! He's trying to walk much more than the last month. I did write this down: "Loves to wrap his hands around my neck". That's true. He's so cute when he does this.

Loves to get a reaction out of people and splashing in water to do this. He is a water baby through and through. I'll have to get him in survival water lessons soon! He has to do everything Finn does. 

Oh during this month he became very much obsessed with Papa. He notices how much fun Finn has with Papa, so he has to join in. And if Drew walks in the room, Theo MUST get a kiss and a hug from him. Then back to me of course ;)

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