Dec 31, 2014

Christmas 2014

Christmas this year was especially great because now we have two nuggets to celebrate it with. We are really trying to start traditions, that just us do.. and one of them is now homemade cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning- made by Drew!. So Christmas Eve, he preps and sticks em the in the fridge so that they can be nice and warm for the morning. They were tasty! I also bought them matching pajamas to wear Christmas Eve. 

Christmas Eve night we went to Mimi + Pops house. I know that as our families grow, we may not all be able to be together on Christmas so this time was super special. Bree wasn't married yet but her wedding was soon after the New Year. 
(Jade took this pic :)
Love this pic of sweet Micah reading the scriptures and the Christmas story as told in Luke.
Finn wore this hat around like crazy!

Christmas Morning we woke up opened gifts at our house. Santa brought Finn a farm set (which he is still obsessed with and I'm writing this in May.) Theo got some baby car seat toys.  

We then went to my parents for some gift opening there between us siblings and cousins. Mimi got Finn a red pair of converse and Lindsay got Finn a bunch of books like Stinky Face (a super cute book that I hope will stick around for ever!) and he also got an outdoor slide! Then we went surfing at San O! Grandma Osterkamp got on the ground to play with Finn so I could nurse Theo. He loves her so much!

Then we went back to Mimis for some dinner. It was a great two days!!!!

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