Apr 29, 2014

T STREET April 29 2014 18 mo Finn

Finn on 18 month b-day. We love to go to the beach and watch Papa surf. And to say they're best friends is no where near the truth. They're SOUL MATES.

At this age he was starting to really help me around the house. Loves putting things in the dishwasher for me and does it correctly. Loves to eat/drink green smoothies (really its because it's through a straw..)

The most obedient and affectionate kid out there. Obsessed with all things water, any animal but slightly scared of a Moose..? Recently started throwing things. His super recents are folding his arms to pray, fake laughing in a way we can't seem to imitate. Singing the Oompa Loompa song. He knows very few words but talks as if he knows the entire dictionary.

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