Feb 18, 2014

Finn 15 mo February 2014

He's really developed his own gibberish during this month. And we understand what he's saying, but to anyone else it sounds like chinese! It keeps us laughing.

This month has been a hard month for us BECAUSE he is so vocal, and feels he is communicating to us what he wants, but we really sometimes can't figure out what it is.

He also started having tantrums. LUCKILY, they last maybe 30 seconds but they def. happen! If he doesn't get what he wants, like fruit snacks, or when he wants to open the pantry door and we have it shut with a rubberband. Or if Drew takes Lady on a walk without him because it's raining. He loves his walks with them.

He loves to wave hi + bye to strangers. Even walks up to them and does it.

Starts at my eyes, the points at my hose and then my mouth. And wants me to tell him what each is. It's cute. I taught him "head shoulders knees and toes, eyes ears mouth and nose" song and made our own version because he was obsessed with eyes and poking them, that I wanted him to squeeze our noses instead.

Loves to play hide + go seek, especially behind curtains, blankets, and retail stores.

Obsessed with TRUCKS. He's always loved cars and airplanes and such, but lately it's trucks.

Makes the same sound for monkeys as he does horses. And loves to make animal sounds. Getting better at the cow "mooooing".

Finn at 15 months has probably been one of the hardest months for me. I am 3-4 months pregnant during this time, and Finn is very needy. Don't get me wrong, he's a very independent toddler, but man, the kid is a TODDLER! Toddlers all of the sudden have an opinion, a personality like a teenager and just wants me all. the. time.

At this stage when I was pregnant with Finn, the fatigue had come in full throttle, but I was able to take a nap whenever I wanted, lay on the couch and watch a TV show for hours on end.. eat whenever I wanted.. but with a toddler with a schedule, I can't lay down really ever, because he hits my stomach and jumps all over my body until I stand up. He loves to play on his own, especially his cars, but won't if I'm anywhere in the house laying down. But if I'm doing dishes, laundry, mopping, he will play with his cars! Just funny.

I'm not complaining, just want to remember every bit of it all.

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