Oct 16, 2013

Finn at 10 months old

There is no sitting Finn down for pictures anymore. Just couldn't happen! So after dinner time, he was already stripped down to his diaper, I took a few quick ones.

>>He started sharing with people, especially me, when I would say, "Can I have it?" Then he would get all bashful and turn his back to me like he knew what he was doing was a good thing. 

>> Shakes his head when he is saying "No". He started doing it when he was full and didn't want anymore oatmeal- now he does it all the time and thinks its funny. 

>>Dances on beat

>>Has taken 5 steps, many times on 9/17- no longer likes to be put down to crawl- only wants to walk while holding my hands.

>> Went to Papa's sound check at Velour on 9/17

>> Found out he does NOT like honeydew.. who would have thought! Its so tasty!

>> Likes to sort laundry with me- gathers up piles around the floor. Pretty cute. Also will clean the high chair for me if I put a wet paper towel down. Child labor is the bomb! ;)

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Ben + Amanda said...

THAT is a california baby right there. THOSE ARMS.