Aug 6, 2013

Finn at 8 months old

8 months for Finn was:

>Learned to dance to music. He'll do it when he hears any kind of beat. Of course it's super cute. :)
>Finally got his 8th tooth towards the middle of 8 months. Now onto the molers! Wish us luck.
>Trying to stand on his own..
>No longer scoots but does a perfect crawl. And can crawl up stairs fast and seamlessly. 
>Starting to be weaned from breastfeeding. 
>Still loves a ball and is starting to try to throw/roll it to Lady.
>We find toys in his mouth all the time as he's crawling (like a dog does).
>He's a hungry fellow. Will eat anything and everything. Just like his papa. 
>Taps his foot on the ground when he's laying on his tummy when he hears music or gets excited.
>When he gets really excited and is sitting down, he'll slide the bottom of his feet against each other.
>Goes straight for the ocean every time we go to the beach. 
>Says "fffff" for "ruff" or "dog" and also says it when we say "Where's Lady" (our 2 year old dog)
>Says "Dee" sometimes for "Lady"
>Started falling asleep in the car without us coaching him. 
>Knows where birdies are when I point to em and wants to chase em. He first started waving hi to only birds because I used a bird as an object to wave to and that first time he understood the concept. So when I would say "Where's the birdie?" he would just start waving.

8 months has for sure been a really fun and eventful month for all of us. He is such a happy baby! He loves the outdoors, doesn't care if we dunk him in the freezing ocean or send him down a water-slide. I am starting to see him really grow up and not be such a "baby" anymore. Makes me sad! But also excited for what is to come in his future. I can already tell what he will look like as a 4 year old. 

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The Castletons said...

What a cutie!! Love his blonde hair and blue eyes!