Jun 29, 2013

Finn at 6 months old

>Loves to scratch things
>Licks anything he can get close to
>Scoots everywhere and started scooting backwards
>Takes blanket off his head if I try to shut the light out
>Is getting very clingy
>Loves Lady and every morning knows to look for her.
>Says "BA BA BA BA BA" all day long
>Fist pumps
>Knows when I'm about to tickle him and laughs before I get to him.
>Feeds Lady from his high chair
>First ONE crawl on May 18
>Finally takes a bottle

After I took these pictures, we had a small barbeque in our backyard to celebrate his half year of living. Really just an excuse to have friends over. And I kept him in his PJs for most of the day to keep him a "baby" because I seriously see him becoming a toddler more and more everyday :(

photos taken on his 6th month birthday-portra 400


mel said...

oh i'm dying over these pictures! i want a picture of him so i can frame it for the house!

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