Mar 16, 2012

Pre-Order your Scrabble Set!

Family & friends! It's all ready to order and be at your house in AUGUST! So cool right? It's been an amazing experience to see Drew create this masterpiece from scratch. I remember sitting in our living room in Provo- I think during the day time and he was kinda upset about the class project or re-designing a game board. A- because he doesn't really fancy games all that much. And B- he couldn't think of a game that would be cool enough to put in his portfolio.

Well... lucky for him, I LOVE games, and my family grew up with a mom that loves Scrabble. We had all different kinds of sets going up. Limited Editions, travel sets, deluxe and cheap. I mentioned to him that maybe he should redesign Scrabble, since it's always been the same-ol' game. He let it melt into his mind for a few days, then he started sketching. His teacher really didn't think that you could re-design scrabble. As if it was like Drew was re-designing Apple Inc. or something. Crazy man!

Well, this wasn't the first time his professor was against his ideas, so he went with it anyways. He was fortunate enough to work in a place on campus that had all kinds of tools & people with expertise of how to actually make a prototype. It took a very long time to make, and he wasn't even done by the time finals & reviews came around. BUT he still got a decent grade. I remember photographing it, and regretfully wishing I had taken more than 5 minutes to light it (it was finals and I had 18 credits!) and make sure it looked perfect because within 3 days of Drew posting those photos of his prototype on his website, it had landed on some of the biggest design/packaging blogs. It was NUTS. I was in math class when I got this call and Drew was SO EXCITED. From that day on, the journey to making it actually come into stores like Urban Outfitters and Barnes & Noble started to run it's course. It really couldn't have happened without all the fans that were put on a list and the good responses from people very high up of huge companies (like Apple) complimenting Drew via email. Just because. Super cool. 

BUY IT HERE! Once they sell out, they will make another addition, but this edition they're selling now, is the original (with some happy changes of course)!


Maja said...

What a cool story!
I have never been much of a design freak, but this scrabble set is beautiful. Double the fun to play :)
Congratulations! Very exciting!

Amy Carlston said...

chase & i just saw this and we LOVE it.. it's beautiful. love the type. you two are a talented caboodle.

JerryPSmart said...

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