Mar 26, 2012

Dad's 56

Dad turned 56 on February 11. It took us quite a while to figure out exactly what would make Dad happiest. We brain stormed LA, a movie & dinner (his favorite), maybe somewhere different in San Diego? But we all kept thinking that it would end up to where Dad would be in charge of making the night fun so we decided to invite some of his life-long friends to his house as a casual surprise party. We surprised him with just our family, and I'm sure he was suspicious with the two cakes and special cups and all of us just sitting around not eating or celebrating (because we were waiting for everyone else to come!) He went upstairs and by the time he came down, he already had a few friends there. It was a lot of fun! At the end of the night, he said that was by-far his favorite birthday to date. He loves to be surrounded by friends and family. He told me once that he would love a photo-book of JUST his friends because those are the people that matter and have changed his life. Love it! Because that's how I feel about my friends.

Anyways- here are a few holga shots I took. Love ya Dad!

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