Feb 24, 2012

February Update

Wow. Where have I been? Not blogging or looking at blogs- that's for sure. Thank you instagram and pinterest! Man, I told myself I wouldn't do either of those, and now I am an avid contributor to both applications. Whatever, sometimes you just gotta move with the trends.

We have been staying busy.
-Drew with his Scrabble set. You can read about it here- but basically we will be selling a $200 set in stores by Christmas, and a $50 set in stores by Christmas. Isn't that amazing? Not just small business stores. But stores like Neiman Marcus & Barnes & Noble. So cool.
-Selling more wreaths and having so much fun at it. I'll be selling them at a craft fair at the end of March in San Clemente. Can't wait!
-Drews been surfing Creek almost everyday (not the last 2 days, he's been busy)- and it's so fun for him. When we were in Utah, exercise wasn't a word we used regularly. It feels good to be outside a lot.
-Lady has been eating sticks and then pooping them out. It makes me sad because she also isn't eating. I'm thinking she's teething, but who really knows. She doesn't chew on anything else! SO I have banned her from her favorite dog park because it's full of only wood chips & sticks, no grass.
-Our Capo 1st Ward split into two wards- joined with the monarch beach ward (now called Dana Point Ward). It was a big change for everyone in the Capo 1 ward- because everyone was separated, but we are embracing the change because that means we get to become friends with new people! I am very sad I'm away from sunbeams that I taught for a few months. They really were so sweet to me. I totally get now why people want to teach these little humans- as real jobs. Before, I couldn't understand!
-I've been called as the YW Secretary. Exciting/scary/new/old/stressful at times, but I think I'll get the hang of it. It's weird to be back in the same building that I grew up in until I turned 14. So the YW room, I totally know it. And they need new carpet.
-Can't get enough of Salt & Vinegar chips. I could eat a bag a day.
-Spent Valentine's Day weekend and day, shopping, eating, picnicing, hiking and spoiling Lady. It was a great one!
-Counting down the days we get to see Drew's family family in Palm Springs for a week! It's going to be fun and kinda like camping- sleeping in one room together. :)
-I've eaten a bagel every day for the last week. Trader Joes started supplying Rudi's bagels, and man they are BETTER than any other bagel I've ever had. Yum yum yum.
-My dear Dad turned 56- I will post photos of that soon. Finally got film developed so you'll see many a photo of a lot of stuff comin up!
-The above shot was taken just a few days ago with a tripod- with other images that's going to be in a feature we will be in soon.

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Topsy said...

Such a great update! So many exciting things happening for you guys. Congrats to Drew with his Scrabble set. So awesome.

miss you guys.