Jan 19, 2012

Christmas & New Years 2011

I should probably post about our holidays before another holiday comes, then another one..and so on. And I'm sorry it's an overload of instagram pictures, but that's what seems to be happening in my life, more than blogging. Whoops!

We started the celebrating off the Sunday we left for Utah. We had a Christmas breakfast at my parents, and opened a few presents. I was bummed I'd be without my little Asher man for Christmas, so I had to take a few photos with him before we left. We tried getting the perfect one, but I thought each one was perfect because he's SO DANG CUTE! I mean look at his baby blues!

Then off to Redlands that day to be with Drew's Dad's side of the family for a Christmas dinner and sleep-over before we were off to Utah for 10 days! This is Lady just before leaving Dana Point. She was a little anxious because all of her belongings were in the back of the car! Not even a photo can explain how crazy the back of the car was. Boxes upon boxes were falling on her. We had all of the gifts for friends, family and gifts from grandma & grandpa from Redlands, and a huge trash bag full of driftwood, suitcases, her crate & toys and nasty food and everything you can ever think of. We really could have just started somewhere new with what we had in the car. 

Mocha Mousse Pudding- one of my MIL's recipes that I made while there. Love it so much. can't wait to make it with anyone that wants to eat it (with my new kitchen aid) !
Loving my new $10 scarf that seriously kept me SO WARM the entire trip. Driving into Orem when I took this photo. That wasn't very pleasant, but atleast I had my new scarf!

Love Hazey! She was about to go sledding with Abby on the golf course. Don't you wish you owned that same outfit?
The ribbon (minus the owls) that I bought at this awesome American Craft warehouse sale in AF. Only in Utah does things like this happen. So I had to spend $$. Just this one time. I bought much much more than that. Shoot.
Cookies Jessie & Abby made. So creative! Wish I could have nibbled on the fox. I love them.
While the family dispersed for a night, we spent the evening with our great friends! SO HAPPY! 

Lady & Buckley played (kinda) all night while we were catching-up, eating and playing nerts. We'll see how they play next time. Hopefully Lady won't dominate him again :/
Abby, so cute. On Christmas Eve. I dread the day Christmas isn't as magical for her as it was those few days leading up to it. Dread.

Meeting up with these cats again (and Kaneischa!) to say hello. Asher's parents live so close to Drew's parents. Fabulous!
Brotherly love! Right before church on Christmas morning. I loved that we got to walk to church.
Haha! This photo makes me laugh so hard when I see it because it sums up the trip for Lady. She didn't like being outside (you can only imagine why!) and (unless to play tug-o-war with Lucy) and the whole, waiting at the door til someone comes and gets me was a new thing. AND she and Lucy were always by eachother's side. So happy they played well together, otherwise it would have been a rough 10 days! 
Mandarin, my favorite restaurant EVER! With JJ, Halen & Asher. Again, fun night!
Drive home, still in Utah. Thinking in my head (please snow, don't let us see eachother again until next year! PLEASE!)

Not in Utah anymore. Probably in Ca. Lady was loving the sun. We got a lot of good laughs from neighboring cars. She look so big and strong in this picture!

Sunset in Corona, driving back alone because I dropped off Lady & Drew in Redlands so he could spend time with his Dad. I had a wedding to photograph the next day in SD. I had a lot of fun grocrey shopping before I got home so I'd have milk & cereal for the morning.. and then unpacking the entire trip AND suitcases so I could get back into the swing of things. (could you sense my sarcasm?) It was alright. I fell right asleep the second I laid my head down and the wedding turned out awesome! Good ending to a good Christmas vacation.

I photographed Chase & Amy's wedding in SLC..but sadly didn't get one photo with them, because I was the one taking the photos! Anyways- I snagged one with them at their CA reception. So happy for you two! 
Onto New Years Eve. We always do the olympic-minute-to-win-it games and this year, we were Indonesia. I wanted to make our outfits this year (since I am the ultimate seamstress..) and they actually turned out pretty fun! I was originally going to have Drew wear the pants that I was making, but since he was in Redlands for most of the day, he wasn't there to try them on. So I scratched that plan (even though I had already sewn them to his sizes) and made them for me. I knew he wouldn't want to wear the ceremonial skirt & shirt.. SO I made a tank top for him :) Haha! He's such a good sport and we looked like a team! 2012, we are going to win. I know it. Get ready Mitch & Lindsay! The title will soon be ours!

The "hand-game". It's been a favorite for the 4 years we've done the olympics! Annnnd...

Drew WON! He was just as shocked as everyone else. So happy he won, and was still wearing his headband AND tank. Thanks babe.
Cute Jade. Asleep before midnight.
Midnight! Standing in our usual spot! 
New Years night with Dane & Chelsea playing a fun new game! Glad they could come see us for a few hours and catch up.
And the night got better because Heather & Tay showed up! Thanks Tay for hangin in there when you were so tired! We miss you all!
Laying on the beach at T-Street while Drew was out. Love where we live and wish everyone we love in Utah could live here with us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Amanda Jane Jones said...

wow, looks like a great holiday!

Topsy said...

i love all these pictures.

also, thanks so much for pinning my wax your own eyebrow tutorial. I noticed a ridiculous amount of traffic coming to my blog from pinterest that day and saw that you pinned it. So awesome.

Kylie said...

okay you are gorgeous. and i'm totally jealous of your dogs. and the world keeps getting smaller because i also know laura who just commented up there from college ^^^^ haha. awesome.