Dec 20, 2011

December Update

Not quite sure who really is even reading this blog anymore, so hello if you are. To be honest, I never read blogs anymore. Like ever. Sometimes I will click on a few links on my side bar. Half the time, they haven't updated or there is just too much happening on it I just click out of it. But I definitely have my go-to's.


This last middle of November- now has been the craziest busy I have ever been. Even while in school. I love being busy, but not during the holidays! All I want to do is snuggle and play and sleep in. Guess that's what grown-ups do, is be busy during the holidays right? Shoot.

We are here in Utah (finally!) after months of anticipating Christmas here. Not too snow-y, but definitely very cold. And we have our Lady here! We are excited for games, skiing and lots of quality time. We need a break from everything and it will be nice to just hang out.

Speaking of skiing, we just did a weekend trip in Big Bear with my family, as sort of our Christmas since we wouldn't be there. We spent half a day snowboarding. I finally got to see Drew's mad skills and he was really good! I'm sure he's even better in Utah snow. We also celebrated Micah's 6th birthday. We played a few christmas "minute-to-win-it" games and did a silly game that I'm not supposed to blog about. :) Here are some photos I took from the 3 days:

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Ben and Christa said...

What a beautiful family!