Nov 15, 2011

Halloween Part 2

We had the trunk or treat with our ward.. and we showed up in our home-made skeleton outfits:
The kids were a little scared of us (luckily we didn't paint our faces!) and we sat in our dark beetle trunk with a bucket of candy. We also had some halloween music from our pandora list playing on tiny speakers so really only we could hear it. 

A few nights after that, we had "Dinner in a Pumpkin" night at our house with some friends. I sorta made up the recipe to make it for ingredients that I already had, plus making it gluten free and still scrumptious. Boy was it SO GOOOOOD! Probably not the most lean where calories are concerned, but still very good. I'll give you the recipe if you wish!

To see more fun photos from the night, go to Amanda's halloween post.

We had fun telling real life ghost stories in our dimly lit backyard. Luckily it was warm! We were able to stay out there for a while. Now it's too sad because we had so many fun dinners out there!

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