Nov 7, 2011

Day 13: Bingin, Bali

This is the Internet cafe we hiked to maybe once or twice. The guy in the middle of the frame is our ice cream man and the guy on the right is from LA was traveling with his wife around the world! It was amazing. They were pretty much spending all they had on this long 2 month trip. And they saved money by staying in little bungalows and hostels. It was really cool. Later that night, we ate dinner with him, and the Swedes that we met.

This is not our room, but the room behind ours. We asked to change rooms for the view, and since it was just behind us and vacant, they didn't see a problem. BUT the fan didn't work like ours did in the other room. Drew was bummed because it was too hot to sleep. So within that same day, we moved back to our old room. Drew was really excited about this room because of the view. The one we stayed in had a balcony to our left that sorta blocked the left part of the view. This one had nothing blocking it. These are the pictures of our 45 minute stay. We were excited to be cockroach free. :/

The guy in the left of the frame is one of the Swedes we met. Did I tell you how we met the two 
Swedes? They were friends and staying in the room we wanted to stay in. We were just enjoying the view on the balcony, and Drew heard these two and Wayan (our host) talking and she was convincing them to stay at her hotel rather than everyone else's. They're hard to bargain with, and they tried. When Wayan left so they could decide if they wanted to or not, Drew said something like "It's beautiful here" in Swedish. They were totally caught off guard and then they had a 2 minute conversation. They then figured out he wasn't really Swedish because he started stumbling on his words. This all happened maybe the first or second day we were there.
When we first got down to this spot on the beach, in the morning, a girl was right behind us, like on our heels and you could tell she wanted this spot. Because it was really awkward when we set up camp, because she was so close to us. I later realized it was because she was new at being topless and a little embarrassed. She went and hid behind a rock an hour after we set up.
More hangin out on the beach while Drew surfed!
This guy on the right is awesome. He was the repair man. I have a few shots before this of him without his glasses. When he saw I was taking photos of him, he took out his glasses to put them on and gave me a surfs up sign.

On the left is a prayer they do each morning. They let the incense burn all day.
My poor sliced up foot. A surfer later tried to give me bandages while asking me if I wanted a beer. Tempting, but no thanks. :) Haha

Each day there were waves, these two young men, must not have been older than 23, came out with SUPER long lenses and really nice cameras, with a monopod, and would take photos of the surfers, then go up to them after their session and ask if they want to buy them. They came up to Drew today and so we got to go home with some photos of him surfing!

I loved hanging out with Drew when it got shallow and there were a bunch of a little sea creatures. The last photo was us right before sunset. But let's not cut to the chase here.
My view to my right.

My view to my left. Getting close to sunset and still SO HOT. There's a different beautiful topless woman. Just studying.
Behind me. This was where most everyone hung out to get their meals and alcohol. Wayan and Iyuma didn't like that very much.
When Drew came back. I love him.

These rocks were EVERYWHERE. You better believe I brought some of these suckers home!

Looking over to see when BBQ was starting. 

I love Iyuma. I miss her. The women at Bingin beach get their clothes from the tourists. We heard that if you don't have enough change for a meal, they would take your clothes...and that next time we could, we should bring clothes for this purpose! Well, I did have a shirt, and I actually saw Wayan wearing my shirt. I left it in the trash can (nothing else in the trash can) in our hotel room when I knew she was coming to get it. 
This was our last day spent at Bingin Beach and I was getting realllllly sad. You don't really willingly leave a paradise like this one. This isn't any trip to Hawaii, or even the Caribbean where you have beautiful beaches, warm water and drinks handed to you whenever you please.. This is beautiful beaches, warm water, exotic people that barely understand you, the most simple hotel, scheduled eating times so they don't have to cook for hours (and they would tell us that), coral rock as most of the sand, monkeys climbing above you on the roof tops and actually seeing them on your balcony (yes that happened to us!).. Drew and I already planned that we would make it back there multiple times more in our lifetime. It's a perfect place for kids too! So yes, we are definitely going back. Hopefully we can convince some of our family to go, if not all!

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