Oct 24, 2011

Day 11: Bingin Beach

Waking up in paradise was the best part. I didn't really take any photos this day, but I did take these two. Drew made a trip into town to get water and food while I hung out and read books. We were so far away from any internet..TV.. cell phone service.. It was truly amazing. 

We discovered a cockroach in our bathroom. We managed to get it away from the toilet and under the sink cabinet, where it stayed for the rest of our 4 nights. We also managed to figure out that it came out only when we were gone, because it was quiet & dark.. and would hide back under the sink when we hit the door against the cabinet and turned the light on. So that was our ritual every time we had to use the bathroom. Our showers became very quick because the shower has the same floor as the toilet did. :)

Another part of our Bingin trip, we taught this local boy (probably 22) how to play Phase 10. He'd see us playing cards and would take a break from selling popsicles and ice cream to sit with us in the shade. He would always smoke a cigarette and I asked him one time why he smokes. He said that it's just what everyone does! (Which is funny he said that because a few weeks ago I watched an episode on ABC about this very thing.) Then we talked about drugs and if the punishment is really death if you're found with drugs. He spoke in a whisper and came closer to us so no one would hear him talk..but he said it's true and that he's never smoked anything... (then why are you whispering?? Haha) I have a picture of him I'll show you later. 

Not sure why they turned out this way.. even when I was a beginner photographer 5 years ago, my film never came out this way. I'm guessing it's from all the x-ray scanning in the many airport trips.

Anyways- more to come!

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