Aug 8, 2011

Early memories

Lately I have been filled with memories of my childhood. And I really want to record them so I don't lose it all when I go crazy one day. Because I'm sure I will. So once in a while-when I feel like it and having one of those in-bed-all-day, I will record some of them. Here's one:

Singing in the backyard with a vacuum as my microphone.  I would do this all the time (the singing, I wasn't always with a vacuum). My mom said I came out of her belly talking.. or laughing. But I'm sure it was just baby sounds. I'm not one of those people that likes to hear my own voice, so this is weird but it's something I've always done. I still sing and once I got past the year mark of our marriage, I started to sing in front of Drew- on & off key. I don't have an amazing voice but something about lettin it go and singing whatever and wherever- is really liberating! Try it!

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