May 25, 2011

Going Away Bonfire

We are back from our Southeast Asia trip with way too many souvenirs (because we have many family members) and some of the best memories Drew and I could ever make together. We are sorta sad to leave our Balinese people and friends but excited to get back to life (even though life right now means work, but it's okay because we love our jobs!) and seeing where we will nest.

Asher threw us a going-away party which turned out to be a great success! I mean what bonfire wouldn't be a success? It consisted of the usual Wed-night dinner crew, and then a few other friends we wanted to be there. Asher and Halen are way the kind of way-too-good-to-be-true friends and we miss them so much already!

Utah will always be special to me because it was the place where I learned to be on my own, where I met Drew and ended up making a home with him. Then we met the most incredible friends and spent many days and nights with Drew's family. I wished that I could have said good-bye to many of the people I met and grew to love while living in Provo for 4 years, but it became impossible with schedules. But I'm sure we will see you all again...right guys? It's not really a good-bye anyways. Just "see ya!" I'm sure we will make appearances at Velour or drop in on a wednesday night dinner unexpectedly...and fly into SLC regularly to be with the Capeners.

Below are photos of the night. After the bonfire, a few of us headed over to FATCATS for an hour of bowling and drinking sodas that we snuck in.

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amanda jane said...

this looks like so much fun!