Mar 30, 2011

True Grit Night

At home, my little sister Bree will hang out, watch TV or chat with all of us in the kitchen while cooking, and curl her hair. And sometimes she wants me to sit for her while she curls my hair. I love it because I can barely blow dry my hair without all the blood rush away from my arms and then I quit. So thanks Bree. I wish my hair was naturally like this, but very glad for my posterity and their curly hair. But maybe they will have really straight hair like me? Hm. Probably not.

We were going out the door when I wanted a picture before it got all nappy from the movie theatres. We saw True Grit that night and as a group, we loved it. We always love movie nights with Dad because he gets so excited about them and we enjoy his popcorn and treats. 

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