Jan 1, 2011

White Elephant Party 2010

Happy New Year! New Years Eve, last night, we spent at the Devine's home, doing our traditional Olympic games that Lindsay always puts on. I will have to post more about it when I edit the photos.. It's always way fun and we are so tired from all the festivities yesterday. Early in the day, we hiked to this fabulous waterfall very far east and south of San Clemente, then hurried home to make it to the party. Photos will soon come.

We are so grateful for this past year and can't wait for what 2011 will bring. We will both be officially clean from BYU and schooling FOREVER! We will move, to where we don't know.. and maybe our family will grow. So many possibilities lie ahead of us and I'm so glad I have Drew to be by my side. I can't have picked a better companion and best friend to be with for all time. I love him!

Anyways- here are some photos (i'm a little behind on the posting photos situation).. not from New Years Eve but of a White Elephant party we had at the Seevincks.

Halen & I combined forces and created a white elephant christmas party at her place. It was really fun. We had presents like gingerbread houses to Planet of the Apes doll (drew's of course, had waited all year for it).. gloves, DVDs.. it was all good. And later we went to velour to hear Christmas songs.. sung by our friends. Those two photos are below. (I don't really know why there are dots.. I'm guessing the film was laid down on something while it was drying. But I think it's cool.. and will scan them better later.)

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