Nov 3, 2010

PH with the Weepies

We were so happy to see our family and friends @ the Weepies show early October. It was so nice to get away from Provo. I even got to fly down there that day since I couldn't miss a class. I wish I felt special for you know, showing up to the show after just flying in, instead of driving in the van, but really it was a very stressful time. The plane taxied in Long Beach for 40+ minutes..and poor Melissa was there early just in case we landed early. Once I did get into the car, we rushed down to San Juan, and I made it for the last two songs that Drew sang. I always like to see them play when they open for big bands because there is such a great energy and their nerves turn into happy nerves. But all-in-all, it was a good night and very much worth it to see my family. We missed Blakey though..that little rat.

Photos of the Weepies to come! 

{holga- fuji 400}


jonballphoto said...

Love the parlor hawk album! Quick question. Who does your film processing/scanning?

Tony said...

Can I ask where one might get such awesome band merch, like those shirts? :D