Nov 11, 2010

Peculiar Thursday #4

This post is inspired by a recent time. I am on tour with drew's band and fellow label mates, desert noises. Every night is an adventure when it comes to sleeping arrangements. With the house, bed and floors. So one person in particular is known for his snoring. Since I came to the tour late, I didn't know this. I heard them all joke about it and how bad it is... But I thought they were just poking at the poor guy. Two nights ago while staying with my A&U house in SF, I offer to be in the room with the snorer.. Being nice and not wanting to offend him. I mean how bad can the snoring actually be??? Okay it was really bad. The second he put his head on the pillow, he was deep snoring. I was shocked. I thought for sure it'd be 30 minutes into his slumber and my sleeping aid would kick in. So Drew and I were chest to chest cuddling and trying to fall asleep right near the snorer and trying not to say anything about the loud sounds, until we couldn't handle it and just burst out laughing.. in secret so that made it even more funny that he had no idea we were in tears of laughter. I mean, of course no one wants to be in the same place as him during the night.
Finally, someone bent down so their faces were at the same level, and just said - ______ you need to move into the kitchen. ____ refused and went to the car. I had told him before bed that there was no way I'd let him resort to the car because of our impatience. So when I said "hey ____ where are you going??? You're not going to the car are you??" he said he was only going to get something out of the car. I quickly fell asleep and woke up earlier than everyone else that morning to find him not in his bed, but in the car.

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Laura Hendricks said...

SAD!the car? but that's kind of funny.
______ makes up for it while he is awake though because he is cool