Nov 14, 2010

Even more than anyone that you adore.

Its crazy to look back on my life before I met Drew. Looking back on it, I don't see much depth. I see school, eat, camera, sleep. That's it. I am happy to say that when I look back on this particular part of our lives - I will think way more than just eat, sleep, school.  Drew as a husband, musician, best friend, has made me want to be a great wife for him, a better photographer than I was, and his best friend. Whether or not Drew's music becomes something more than it is now, I will be so happy for it. Happy that he is fulfilling his dream, inspiring my dreams, helping us meet and become friends with people we probably never would have others, and travel together...instead of just stayin' around in Provo, waiting for the weekends and new movies to come out. We have been very good at not letting his music define who we are as a couple...because then the music wouldn't be as appealing..and our relationship and conversations would be quite dull. And we are making sure that by the time we have kids, we won't have any regrets.

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ladaisi said...

This is a very sweet post. Made me happy.

- Lauren