Nov 8, 2010

16th & Valencia

I'm in San Fran by myself right now. I thought I was pretty cool taking the Bart all by myself.. Until i realize that ive been on the bart for 5 minutes longer than my iPhone told me i would be. I was supposed to get off at 16th and I missed it by 2 stops. I finally get on 16th and start walking. Walking the streets to find a spot I had picked out last night to eat. Come to find out that that place hasn't been a place for two years. And after my iphone map sending me in places all around, in circles really, I was getting quite frustrated. Luckily I google this place (where I'm at right now) because I saw how close it is, and it's all gluten free! And it's Venezuelan! And I am so tired I could die. Walking with two bags filled of clothes, heavy cameras and CDs will do that to ya.

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ladaisi said...

Hello! Came across your blog by clicking the "next" button on blogspot (see above) and wanted to say I fell in love with your photographs and cute "about us" and I am now following you.

Keep writing!

- Lauren