Oct 28, 2010

Peculiar Thursday #2

Drew & I have this ongoing joke about public schools vs. private. I went to public, he went to private. Everything he says are always jokes and the stereotypical things people would normally say about kids that went to public school, but we always get laughs out of it. Things like: "I got an A on my paper and you didn't because I went to a private school." Then I try to make my defense as to why public school is better and on and on and on. Like recently, we went and saw the facebook movie and I made a bet that Mark Zuckerburg went to a public school in growing up. Well, I was wrong when we checked on wiki. Terribly wrong. 

So one day, sometime this last May, we were in San Clemente and went to SCHS to pick up Bree, my little sister from school early (what's new right?), and I told her to meet us in front of the admin building because it's an easy get-away. So we pull up to wait by this big spot of green grass and we see a class full of maybe sophomores or juniors with green tinted goggles on their eyes, throwing green tennis balls to each other. It really looked like a scene out of a movie. One partner would throw it to the other slowly, and the receiver would try to see it but usually did not see it, so it would just hit them either in the face or somewhere near them. Then they would try finding it on the green grass, and then pick it up, and throw it back. Their arms were held out in front like zombies and faces tilted up. We watched for a good 3 minutes before Bree got into the car. 

This is one of those times that we bring up and just laugh. Drew really just brings it up to defend his idea that "private school raises brighter kids than public school"- because there was no teacher around during all this, and really they just looked like idiots.


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That is hilarious! So, where do charter schools fall? Bright? Not bright? Next year I'll have kids all over the place!!