Oct 11, 2010

If I have little boys one day...

I want to dress them like this. All found from The Sartionalist.

The hair might be a little much.. but you get the idea.
 This little guy looks so much like my cute nephew Micah.
This would be Drew's ideal get-up for our kids.

{Thank you to all my friends & family that came to visit me in bed, bring flowers, bring ice cream (which you all know I LOVE!) and meals that I couldn't make for Drew & I! We seriously felt so loved and I am so grateful. Grateful doesn't even scratch the surface. Thank you all. And Peggy & Bob, I loved the flowers that you had Rik bring to me!  I am now up and about. A few days early. It makes me more nauseous than anything else, but I am going to school now and working on art. In between I'll be watching the movies that were lent to me :) Love you all!}

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