Aug 8, 2010

Capener Beach House Trips

Every year, atleast when they can, Drew's mom's side of the family, the Frames, rent beach houses on Beach Road (capo beach) for a week. This was my second year going...and it's always so fun. Right after that week was done, we headed as far south as you can go before you reach the Mexican border... Imperial Beach and stayed for another week. This time with just Drew's immediate family. These photos are a mixture of both weeks, but mostly just imperial beach. We did lots of speed scrabble (and banana gram) playing, NERTS, and movie watching...when we weren't at the beach dominating everyone at beach volleyball.

Abby & Drew are best friends. It's really cute.

Baptisms at the pier at was fun to watch.

Biking to Coronado.

We're so grateful we had that time to spend with them before they leave in NINE DAYS to Switzerland. It's a big move/change and we're going to miss them so much!

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Laura Hendricks said...

what a fun trip! love all the pics. and love the photo booth pictures below.